Commute Productively

Articles added to My Orator are automatically synced to your personal podcast feed so that you can listen on any device.

Works with news sites

My Orator will work on all your favorite blogs like

Tag your articles

Organize your articles so that you can play them as a playlist.

Pocket Integration

Sync new bookmarks from your Pocket account.

Alexa, launch My Orator

Yes, you can play your tracks on your Amazon Echo!

Nothing to install

Use your existing podcast app - just refresh the feed. (no extra apps/plugins to install)

Keeps you Focused

  • No recommnedations.
  • No auto-generated feeds.
  • No distractions.
  • Add articles from anywhere

    Share article (via email) from your phone
    Add via Chrome Extension from your desktop

    Consume content the way you want

    My Orator empowers you to make your own choices about what you want to consume and how to consume it.

    Choose My Orator →

    Will this work on iOS/Android?

    Yes. For now, there is no 'app' - the site is where you can edit your playlist. Launch Safari and go to - put it on your home screen for quick access.

    You'll then add the podcast feed (from the Orator site) to your podcast app. After that, you'll share articles via Gmail to the Orator email address and the links will be added to your podcast. I admit that the setup is cumbersome, but it's just a one time thing.

    What if it doesn't work on my favorite site?

    Different sites lay things out differently and no parsers are perfect. If My Orator does not convert the intended text, just holler at me on Email, Twitter or Facebook and I will fix it personally.

    I will credit back any content that Orator incorrectly reads.

    What does it sound like?

    Orator uses the same technology as Alexa (Amazon Polly) — it doesn’t sound as robotic as you might think. Here's a sample: