You’ll Start Seeing Pronouns On United Airlines Employee Name Tags Later This Year [Roundup]

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  1. Just narcissism…I don’t need to know someone’s pronouns when addressing them, I’m not addressing them in the 3rd person….if you really wanted to make sense of this and for this to be of any value you would put the gendered “ma’am” or “sir” so I know how to appropriately address YOU. But this is not meant to be functional, it’s to affirm people’s feelings and to keep others on notice that they are a special case and the world should revolve around them. And I’m speaking as a member of the LGBTQ community.

  2. First it’s optional, then it’ll be mandatory. Just wait.

    When it becomes mandatory, I’m going to insist on being able to use the pronouns of my choice, and you better not question my identity. I’m thinking of going with F and U. If you mistake that for something else, that’s your problem. My alternative would be Master and Your Superiority.
    Übermensch has possibilities. I like the umlaut.

  3. Omg!! Initiate ALL CAPS MODE
    I added pronouns to my email when I started seeing people loose thier minds over it. I love enraging stupid people.

  4. Oh, wow! Look at all the supposedly tough guys showing how butthurt and intimidated they are by pronouns and people asking to be referred to as they identify.
    I guess the next thing to stop after pronouns would be nicknames and name abbreviations. No more Nikki- only Nicole. No more Tim- only Timothy. No more neckbeard- only Joeseph-Robert.

  5. Anyone who is bent over this is not worthy. People can be who they want to be. I guarantee no one wants to be you judgemental people. Give yourselves a rest .

  6. @Adam Kennedy,

    You miss the point, this does not tell me how to address them, only informs me how to refer to them to a 3rd person in a conversation they are not a part of…. None of it makes sense, it would be more useful (if you are being genuine) to have “ma’am”, “sir” OR like you touch on your nickname….tell me how you want to be addressed, to say he/him, she/they in no way tells me how you’d like me to address you. All it does is cause confusion but then again that’s the point!

  7. It’s a small issue, IMO, and I’m not going to let it bother me…and if I unintentionally make a mistake, I’ll just politely apologize; done deal, and keep the peace.

  8. I’ve flown a zillion miles and I don’t ever recall looking at a flight attendant’s name tag when they’re serving me. I think the angle from a seat is wrong. I’m certainly not going to be able to read the tiny pronoun addition. It’s a dumb idea on so many levels, and whoever approved it should be demoted and replaced by a practical person who prefers normal to virtue-signalling.

  9. So what. When was the last time any of us addressed any FA as anything but either “you” or by their name. I give a lot more of a damn about whether I get a PDB in a timely fashion than whatever pronoun some person I likely will never see again chooses.

  10. I don’t care what these idiots want to be called, I will use the nouns and pronouns that I have used all my life – if they don’t like it, too bad. These morons can cry, and they will, all they want.

  11. Personal pronouns. Oh is this going to drive the cultural conservatives bonkers.

    It is optional to the employee. Some people have names that don’t always make clear the gender of the person, such as “Morgan” for girls or “Shirley” for boys (in the South, anyway).

    If you are so triggered by this there isn’t much that can be done to help you.

    Some of us are triggered by far right mothers that freak out over perfectly innocuous books in libraries that go against THEIR idea of how everyone should view religion.

  12. Most flight attendants hide their IDs and name tags for fear of being reported for poor service quality. Pronouns are for 3rd person conversation which makes them useless on a name tag.

  13. I’ve noticed “they” never choose to use, “it” or “that”.
    The whole pronoun thing is stupid.

  14. This is exactly the kind of crap that hurts United Airlines and it comes from their “woke” HR Dept in Chicago.
    United is now headquartered in Chicago because Obama wanted it that way.
    United needs to dump Chicago and move the headquarters to a redder state. When they do, the entire HR Dept. needs to be fired.
    Passengers care about Safety/Service/Schedule. NOT DEI!!

  15. I still call it, sir and ma’am and dont give a F if it offends them.

  16. My pronouns are Fat/Drunk/Stupid and I am mortally offended by those not complying.

    The head of NYS Department of Labor stated that the use of an “improper” pronoun constitutes harassment in the workplace and is an actionable offense.

    We are doomed. Wake up, white people.

  17. You can identify any way you want. Just don’t ask me to participate in the illusion.

  18. I am laughing. It seems the true snowflakes are those who have a problems with a few pronouns after a name. Melt away snowflakes! It is three words!

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