My Orator Pricing
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Casual Plan

"I'd use this occasionally'"

$4 95 /mo.

  • 60 conversion credits/month (10 hours)
  • Maximum of 100 articles in playlist
  • 60 unused credits rolled over to next month
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Binge Plan

"I don't always listen, but when I do..."

$14 95 /mo.

  • 300 conversion credits/month (50 hrs)
  • Maximum of 1000 items in playlist
  • Add your own audio files to playlist
  • Limited edition Orator stickers
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Lite plan: $1 for 1 hour of conversion, with auto-refill when credits are low.

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3 credits = 3 articles that are 10 minutes long

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Feature Comparision

How much content do you consume?

Works on Android & iPhone
Play on Amazon Echo
Conversion Credits 60 credits
(10 hrs/month)
300 credits
(50 hrs/month)
30,000 credits
(5000 hrs)
(208 days)
Cost of additional monthly credits 12 credits for $124 credits for $124 credits for $1
Credits rolled over60300Credits never expire!
Maximum Playlist size42 1001000

$4 95 /mo.

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$14 95 mo.

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$237 for life

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are credits charged?

Each credit is worth 10 minutes of converted audio. If the article you've converted comes out to 4 minutes and 50 seconds, only 0.4 credit will be charged.

Can I change my plan after some time?

Yes - the plan will change on the next billing period.

What if the service does not convert the proper text? Will I be charged for incorrect conversions?

No, please email me and let me know which URL you've tried to convert and I will apply the credit back to your account and also try to resolve the issue.

Will you save my card details?

No, My Orator uses Braintree payments drop in UI (A Paypal company) - all credit card data is handled by them.

Can I cancel my subscription?

You will be able to cancel the subscription any time. The minutes remaining in the plan will remain valid until the end of the billing period.

Can I pay with Paypal?

Yes you can, just log in with your Paypal account.

What if I don't like Orator, can I get a refund?

Of course, you can request a refund within 30 days of subscribing to a plan.

Try now, buy later.

Immediately after signing up, you'll get 3 credits to try before you buy

Here's how My Orator is being used by others...

Bryan M
Orator user
This is a useful tool for converting the text of webpages I am interested in reading but do not have time to read into a podcast so I can listen to them while I'm driving.
Murali K
Orator user
The Chrome Extension is a must have add-on to add articles to quickly add my current favorites from my desktop.
Quint S
Orator user
I downloaded the extension and love it! I can quickly and easily clip the articles I want and have it in a pre-made playlist for my drive to work in the morning. I tried similar services in the past but didn't enjoy the voice they had. I love how naturally the robot reads the text.
This is great. I always wanted to have an option to listen to what I was reading on my browser!
Developer of My Orator
This is Ambrose, creator of My Orator. While I made this to solve a problem for myself, I figured that there are others with the same issue of wanting to catch up on their reading during the commute. If you want to focus on articles on your reading list or you just like making your own ‘mixtapes’ of articles, then My Orator is for you.

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